Sunday, July 24, 2011

Watercolor Wedding

Here is a beautiful lake side wedding at Watercolor, Florida. The joyous day of uniting two wonderful families, 1+1=5, right? So happy to have shared this day with my big brother and new sister Katie! It was a beautiful day filled with love and laughter, and delicious food :)

What a beautiful bride and new sister!!! :) 

Cool, Calm, and Collected!!! 


Trying to get Gracie to smile :) It was quite the task!

 Going in for the kiss, and then the attack!!!

Look at those handsome men :) 

I will get more posted soon!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Morris Family

Last Sunday I had the privilege of photographing the lovely Morris Family. Benjamin is 3 months old and such a cutie pie!!! He barely fussed at all, and was the perfect baby model. Beth and Jon were good models too. It always nice when your client knows what they want and can direct themselves into proper poses! Hope you enjoy :) 


Ben loves his dad so much that he wants to share his drool!

Ben couldn't prop himself up on his elbows, so Beth and Jon copied Ben. How sweet!

This one is just too funny, I couldn't resist :) 

Ben enjoyed flying this time.

"I am not amused dad" 

What a sweet little family :)

Stay tuned for more photos soon, as I head to Florida for my brothers wedding :)